As promised, here are more details on the Employee Lead Referral Program we discussed earlier today. 

We have found that the most successful way to win new business with great brands is through existing relationships we already have: ex-clients at new brands, former colleagues, etc. Our goal with this new program is to identify leads to pursue new business through those existing relationships.

But we want to do it in a way that YOU feel comfortable participating in. This is completely optional and the new business team would never reach out to a lead without you being involved.

Here is how it works: you register a lead, wait for it to be qualified/accepted by the new business team, then you get a gift. And it continues if the referral leads to a meeting or project:

  • Accepted lead: $25 gift card
  • Meeting with lead: $250 gift card
  • Alcone wins a project ($50k min): $1000 bonus!

Keep in mind, we are looking for actionable leads that could lead to opportunities with new brands. Once someone has submitted a lead, the new business team will determine if it is qualified. A qualified lead has the following characteristics:

  • Budget – does the company spend any money on marketing that you know of?
  • Marketing decision maker or direct access to one?
  • Need – Have you heard from them that their company is looking for an agency?
  • Since this is subjective, Corey and Teal will have final say in lead qualification.


Example of a qualified lead:
Jane Doe, Brand Manager
A+ Makeup Brand
(123) 456-7890

Example of an unqualified lead:
Bob Smith, Sales Associate
UR Local Flower Shop


Each contact can only be registered by one individual, on a first serve basis.    

To get the process started, registering a lead is easy. Just go to the 410-435-9674 on the intranet and fill out the required information. Please include as much information as possible. Once you submit, you are taken to a summary page of your leads so you can see their statuses. The new business team will qualify leads within a week of them being submitted, and you will receive your gift shortly thereafter. 

I am looking forward to working with you all during this process. If you have any questions at all, or would like to go over the process on an individual basis, please just let me know. 


Widgets and Gidgets

Social Media Center of Excellence is taking over the Widgets and Gidgets Newsfeed this week!

Hello Friends!

This week Alcone’s Social Media Center of Excellence, has something special to share with you! We have gathered specific social insights From Brynn on social and experiential, myself from a  Social Planning P.O.V., and Carlos and Glen on overall Creative Concepting. The way we see it is that, while all of us focus on a different part of the social experience for consumers, we all have an overarching idea of what Social Media is, and the power behind how many people it reaches, so that is what we want to share with you.

Please enjoy this Infographic, and look out for more to come from the Alcone Social COE!