What is Social Buying?

Social Buying is something we made up, check it out on Wikipedia.
By buying together we can bring down prices for all of us, all of the time.

How it works


Just like creating a WhatsApp group, each deal needs an Admin. This person will manage who is in the group and be the main contact when we deliver your deal


The admin will then create a group based on any deal and then invite everyone to join. You can create as many groups as you like and you can be part of as many groups as you like


The trick is to make sure your group buys the minimum quantity required to complete the deal. Its not based on how many people but on how many packs or cases we need to deliver

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The more we can deliver to your office in one go the cheaper we can make our deals.


Check out the “How it Works” section here (create link to How it Works section)

Important to note: Only one person in a group, the nominated administrator needs to create a group, exactly like creating a Whatsapp group. Everyone else then just gets invited through a link which will take them straight to the deal.

Creating a group allows everyone in your office to take advantage of bulk social buying. It’s the reason we created Office Club. Everyone should have a chance to save and be part of it.

No. Its FREE to join. Theres no cost to be part of Office Club.

The way we can reduce pricing is to make sure we deliver a minimum number of products per deal to one place. As you buying with your colleagues, it makes sense for that one place to be your office. We also know you’ll be there, or should be there to collect.

Yes. Of course. You can be part of as many groups or deals as you like. There is no limit.

We want groups to be as diverse as possible, meaning not everyone in a particular group may want to participate in a particular deal but wants to be part of the next deal. This allows the people who do want the specfic deal to make it easy for them to carry on.

There is no limit to how many packs or cases you can buy per deal. There is however a minimum, this is to make sure we can deliver the deal to you at the cheapest price. All deals have different minimums.

The minimum deal sizes are based on the product in the deal, the case size and the value. In order to get the best price we need to create these minimums.

No. There is no limit to how many people can be part of the deal. As long as you order the minimum quantity per order you good to go.

When theres a deal, we all want it as soon as possible. That also means everyone needs to pay for their order to be part of the deal. To make sure deals close we have to make sure everyone in the deal pays. The deal will be cancelled if the minimum order quantity has not been achieved. Anyone can add to their order before the deal closes.

We have selected the biggest brands and products that we use in our homes. If you cant find a brand and want it listed. Let us know and we’ll go get it for you. Contact us at

In order to provide the best price. We will deliver the groups deal to the selected office address on the deal and mark it for the attention of the group administrator. That way we make delivery simple and you can then collect your portion from the administrator in your own time. We’ll let everyone in the deal know when an order has been delivered.