Are your properties illegally rented on Airbnb?

Are your properties illegally rented?

About Us

LeaseAbuse is a new monitoring system for the short-term rental properties in the United States

New York City

Our system makes it easy for property management firms and landlords to find-out whether one of their tenants is listing an apartment in third party rental websites.

The rampant growth of sublet platforms have left property managers and landlords behind the technology curve as they have no way to track which of their tenants are renting the property without the permission of owners. The third party rental websites doesn't provide the exact address of a potential place to stay until they book it, and it's hardly possible for the landlords to know whether property is listed in the short-term rental sites or not.

We help property management firms and landlords to find-out who illegally sublet their units, thereby violating law and the terms of lease



We monitor third-party rental websites continuously to check whether your properties are listed on third-party websites. Rental websites only provide a general location of a property, an exact address won’t appear until the user completes the booking


The dedicated team of LeaseAbuse relentlessly work hard in identifying the properties which are listed in the short-term rental sites. The full details of subletting tenants will be tracked down and the database is constantly updated


Until now, property managers are powerless to prevent their tenants making money through sublet platforms. These sites hide the information of hosts, and it will be visible only after the booking is made. LeaseAbuse monitors these third party rental sites and alert the client anytime a listing for their property turns up


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Our Crawlers and Researchers work hard in a daily basis to find if your property is listed on leasing sites.

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We store and retain the complete history of listings of your properties.      

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