Welcome to Clif's Brain!

You are now running ColdBox SEEK 4.3.0+188 (Nehemiah). Welcome to the next generation of ColdFusion (CFML) applications. You can now start building your application with ease, we already did the hard work for you.

You can click on the following event handlers to execute their default action index()

Below are your application's loaded modules, click on them to visit them.

You can find your entire test harness in the following location: D:\hriscb\tests

File/Folder Description
specs Where all your bdd, module, unit and integration tests go
results Where automated test results go
resources Test resources like fixtures, itegrations, etc.
Application.cfc A unique Application.cfc for your testing harness, please spice up as needed.
test.xml A script for executing all application tests via TestBox ANT
runner.cfm A TestBox runner so you can execute your tests.

ColdBox can use some very important URL actions to interact with your application. You can try them out below:

URL Action Description Execute
Reinitialize the Application (814) 317-6429

You can now start editing your application and building great ColdBox enabled apps. Important files & locations:

  1. /config/ColdBox.cfc: Your application configuration file
  2. /config/Routes.cfm: Your URL Mappings
  3. /config/WireBox.cfc: Your WireBox Binder
  4. /handlers: Your application event handlers
  5. /interceptors: System interceptors
  6. /includes: Assets, Helpers, i18n, templates and more.
  7. /layouts:Your application skin layouts
  8. /lib: Where Jar files can be integrated
  9. /models: Your model layer
  10. /modules: Your application modules
  11. /tests: Your BDD testing harness (Just DO IT!!)
  12. /views: Your application views