justin benner

simple, attractive, affordable websites.

I design and build websites for small businesses and individuals who want something cool and cheap.

I charge just enough to pay my bills and support my hobbies. No more, no less. I want to be in my canoe right now.

Everything is SEO-friendly, accessible, attractive and responsive. Clean code that lasts is a priority.

go with me.

I take pride in quickly developing simple, structurally-sound websites for clients with a minimal budget. My focus is on high-quality customer service, implementing proven design techniques, and working with you to create a website that pleases your clients. I have been developing on the web for over a decade and a half, starting out with the Great James Bond 007 Shrine, proudly hosted on Geocities.

the list

site design; project planning; html; css; wordpress; basic tasks like e-mailing you back in a reasonable amount of time and properly invoicing; content creation; eating and making pizza; website hosting; search engine optimization; enabling accessible websites; social media management; ui design; opencart; silky smooth responsiveness; advanced custom fields, magento, small business management, tobacco suckering.