Product Features

Turn Key

Solution is ready to go, out of the box, configure your endpoints and feed your security dashboards

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Solution is completely free with community support, no node or GB per day restrictions

(936) 261-6221


Unlike most products, this solution is completely documented including documents for your ISMS

(504) 648-4061

Visual Security Risks

Configurable Dashboards, including read only for execs to alert SECOPS of risks in the network and mobile integration

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Vulnerability Scanning

Scan your network for vulnerabilities with results populated in the Dashboard instead of a huge report


Incident Ticketing

Automated Ticketting incident recording for new issues or track outstanding issues or use your existing system



Security alerts go to the dash but you can send them to email, SLACK or even an SMS when you’re not at your desk


Scalable SIEM

The SIEM is scalable in a Data Centre or in the cloud. You can start with a 2 node, go to a 4 node or skies the limit 8, 16, 32

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Enterprise Support

Need Enterprise support? Kustodian will help you with your SIEM configuration integration and custom updates

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 Amazon AWS

Use the pre-configured Amazon AWS AMI instances and Cluster Cloud formation and roll out immediately

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Elastic Stack

The power, stability and community support of Elastic Stack Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana


Threat Intelligence

Get the latest Threat Intelligence from OSINT sources including the Dark Web & Palo Alto Networks MineMeld

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Enterprise Case Study

The cost of security-monitoring tools often puts them out of the reach of small and resource-challenged companies – but cost has been no obstacle for steel giant BlueScope’s CSO, David Johnston who has overseen implementation of SIEMonster the open-source alternative that’s providing global, real-time security monitoring while saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process.

What is SIEMonster

SIEMonster Walk Through

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